Xenobots and You.

MEDFORD, Mass.– If the last couple of decades of development in artificial intelligence systems and in molecular biology connected, their love child– a class of life unlike anything that has actually ever lived– may look like the dark specks doing lazy laps around a petri meal in a laboratory at Tufts University. Douglas Blackiston, a […]

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  • I’m Being Ripped Off December 9, 2020
    I’m not even a big creator. There is no reason to lift my stuff besides being extraordinarily lazy, and looking at this persons videos, they are clearly that. It may just be a logo, and there is another youtuber with the same name, but I’ve had this name and logo for a facebook page/group for […]
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 is being REMADE! May 13, 2020
    Tony Hawk made the announcement himself in a tweet. Happy Birthday to me! #THPS 🎮🛹 pic.twitter.com/XGuVZ2VPD2 — Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) May 12, 2020 The trailer looks amazing! From what we’ve heard from the developer, it sounds great so far! There are plenty of games being remade for solely nostalgia purposes, but they really seem to […]
  • Unreal Tournament is Still a Thing May 9, 2020
    …Remember Unreal Tournament? Unreal Tournament is still a thing! The 1999 classic Unreal Tournament was THE reason for having a LAN party or to upgrade to that sweet Voodoo 3 graphics card back in the day. And back in that day? Unreal Tournament was Huge! When I was a kid, I had not heard of […]
  • World Record For Longest Freestyle is About To Be Broken… And You Can Watch It May 7, 2020
    Watsky, an American musician, songwriter, record producer, poet, and author is live streaming his attempt at breaking the World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap. A self-professed geek, Watsky started to gain attention in 2006 when he was the Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion. Since then he has been entertaining live audiences, and music lovers […]
  • Superliminal Review May 5, 2020
    Superliminal is not a “perfect” game, but it’s defiantly worth the play through just for the moments that really give your head a twist. It’s a bit like portal, in that the physics based mechanics and puzzles really give your brain a good workout. It’s also a bit like “The Stanley Parable”, in so far […]