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We’ve got a “mana doubler” in the command zone now! Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy is extra powerful, being a way to ramp to huge plays, and also a powerful way to sink any mana on an empty hand! Flipping a huge creature or combo piece onto the board can be game changing. Check out the video to see a quick deck and some gameplay, or read more below for a more detailed look.


Let’s break down this brawl deck…


For his mana cost, Kinnan is a great combo commander! with big mana, we can make big plays, but if we go infinite, we can get all our creatures! How do we go infinite? We’ll get there, but first, let’s check out our team of mana dorks and rocks that with Kinnan, can get us to huge plays very fast.

Mana Dorks and Rocks, All The Time

Obviously, anything that’s not a land that makes mana is going to go well in a Kinnan deck, I also included Leyline of Abundance and Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter here for obvious reasons, Leyline makes our Dorks better, and acts as a mana sink late game. As for Jiang, he lets us do what’s important, make more dorks!

Kinnan’s Fancy Combo

Now hold on, I know those are a lot of cards when we’re talking about a combo, but we have some redundancy here. The most important piece, even without the full combo, is Nyxbloom Ancient. Being able to TRIPLE our mana, even from our lands, is just an insane ability. Triple is still not infinite though, and this is where Spark Double and Protean Thaumaturge come in. Copying our Ancient let’s us go up to 6, or even 12 times our mana output! We’re still not infinite though (I know, i know) but here we go, our last piece… Wakeroot Elemental. Once we can have a land tap for more than 5 green mana, we can use Wakeroot’s ability to generate infinite mana!

To supplement the combo a bit, we also have Lotus Field. With just a Field, a Wakeroot, and our ancient, we can go infinite! This may still seem like a lot, but we have plenty of ways to dig and search for our combo pieces.

Looking for the Combo

We need to draw a lot of pieces, so our deck has plenty of it. Faerie Formation is a great sink for us, as it can pull us closer to our combo while pressuring our opponent. If we have infinite, we can draw and cast our deck! Most of all the other cards here either draw, can get us to creatures, but the one that can really pull of a win is Finale of Devastation. We really wont have the problem to get the 12 mana to make this really pay of, and boy when it does, our typical board full of mana dorks can get really scary!

Kinnan IS in Simic, After All

Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Ramps us. Nissa, Who Shakes the World because we have forests. End-Raze Forerunners as a great Finale target. And last but not least, Biomancer's Familiar, who can really do some work in the deck in the right situation, reducing both our commander and Faerie Formation, among others.


I’m running 6 Island, 8 Forest. Field of the Dead should be in every brawl deck.

It’s a really fun deck! It’s quite a few rares to build in Arena, but there are quite a few cards you can use in your standard decks too. I’m looking forward to see how this standard season shapes out, and it’s crazy to see cards from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths already making waves in Modern, Pioneer, and commander! If you’re looking for more MTG fun, don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and follow me on Twitch!

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